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I’ve skipped a lot of Jeffree Star’s more recent collections/palettes – but this year’s holiday collection and palette really caught my attention.

I set an alarm for noon on launch day – November 9th – so I didn’t miss it. I was on the phone with my boss, frantically ordering on my phone. Luckily, my order went through before everything was sold out! It took over a week to get a shipping notification, but once I did – it got here really fast.

The Alien Palette ($52) is shaped like an alien head! It’s hot pink pleather and flips open to reveal 18 out of this world eye shadows. Of course, the first ones I played with were the yellows and greens – “Abduction” looks like a yellow highlighter and “Alien” is a sparkly neon green. I was also able to do a more subdued family-friendly look for Thanksgiving with “Titan” (matte nude) and “Phone Home” (matte mauve). I’m looking forward to playing with the rest of the shades.

This is also the first time I sprung for the entire Holiday 2018 Velour Liquid Lipstick Bundle ($105). I wasn’t too excited about “Karma” (a lizardy khaki green) or “yOu’Re sTiLl oN thE pRoPeRty” (dark blue metallic), but if I was gonna spend $108 on 6 lipsticks…why not spend $105 on 8? Also in the bundle: “Can’t Relate” (a nude, similar to “Mannequin), “Jeffree Who?” (looks like a cross between “Calabasas” and “Rose Matter”, but with extra KvD shade thrown in), “Scandal” (mauve sparkle), “Hi, How Are Ya?” (I love this cool red – it’s like “Masochist” with sparkle), “Triggered” (a nearly black plum color, I was surprised that glitter appeared halfway through my wear today), and “Clout” (lavender metallic).

I did not order any of the new Lip Ammo shades or Lip Scrubs – I was really turned off by the thought of scrubbing my lips with “Eggnog” or “Pumpkin Pie”.


Vegas – Summer 2018

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We did it! The bestie and I lived through a trip to Las Vegas in the Dog Days of Summer!

Seriously, walking outside was like walking into an oven…an oven full of melted plastic tourists. I went several stretches of 24+ hours without going outside, and even then – only at night. It’s 99 degrees outside at night. Anyone who says Texas is a hellscape during the summer has never been to Nevada.

Strangely enough, my skin loved the Vegas weather. Or maybe it loved that I did not go outside and sweat in my car? In any case, the breakouts on my chest and back disappeared and my skin was lovely. Even my hair decided to behave in the humidity-less desert. The one problem I had was my lips – they were so dry that my upper lip felt like it would split at any moment. I brought probably a hundred liquid lipsticks, but I couldn’t wear ANY of them!

Sephora to the rescue! We bopped into the Miracle Mile Location and begged for help with our parched pouts. The castmember immediately led us to try the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Masks ($24). DOH! I still have a sample of this at home and didn’t think to pack it. I also asked to look at some Fresh products, but another lip balm wasn’t going to do the job. She then showed me the Bite Beauty Nude Lip Essentials Set ($15), which came with a mini tube of the Agave Lip Mask and a tube of Amuse Bouche Lipstick in “Pepper”. It was a smoking deal, so I grabbed it. I swore I looked all around for something else to buy, but this location didn’t have any Jo Malone to check out. Another castmember directed me to the Sephora in The Venetian…but that would require too much walking.

The one thing about shopping in-store – usually no samples, but this time we got samples of Drunk Elephant Lala Cream. Nice!

Sally also made a GlamGlow purchase, but gave me her points, so just $384 until Rouge. I just saw that the 20% sale is coming next week – August 24th…is there even anything left I can buy???

Oh, did you know there is a Morphe store in Vegas now? Yup, just a few hundred feet away from Sephora. Sally was finally able to get her hands on the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette, although they were sold out of most of the new summer collection – the Thirsty Palette was no where to be seen and all of the good lipstick colors were gone. We were also able to see the Laura Lee and Manny MUA Palettes up close…ugh, we were not impressed.

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I was THRILLED to find that my bestie brought me a gift all the way from Scotland – the new Pressed Glitter Palette from Makeup Revolution!

I’d been seeing demos on Insta for a bit, but I did not realize how much I needed it in my life. There’s a wide variety of fiery pinks, reds and golds…although I’m a bit scared of “Inflamed”, which appears to be red/green glitter.

We tried out the glitters over the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette. We used Urban Decay Primer Potion as a fixative – worked like a charm. The primer kept it from flaking all over our faces.

One caveat…I AM still finding random pieces of glitter on my face…four days later.

I had a fun trip with the bestie – it was our first time spending so long together, but it felt like we’d been doing it for decades. It’s a relief to know that there a like-minded people out there who just want drink ridiculous amounts of rum and people-watch, as opposed to those who want to hump anything that roves into their field of vision. Vacation partners for life!


Jeffree Star – The Summer 2018 Collection

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Jeffree Star, I can’t quit you. Well, your lipsticks anyway.

When Jeffree Star announced his 2018 Summer Collection, the biggest fanfare surrounded his new eye shadow palette – “Thirsty” ($48). When the Dreamsicle themed packaging was teased, I expected a warm palette with lots of oranges. There are a few, but I was really confused by the yellow and blue hues. Although some of the looks I’ve seen online from this palette are stunning, I ultimately decided to wait on this palette.

Four new flavors of Velour Lip Scrub ($12) also launched – “Pink Lemonade”, “Rainbow Sherbet”, “Orange Gummy Bears”, and “Grape Soda”. I kind of wish that I had added “Orange Gummy Bears” to my cart, but I totally forgot. Oh, and they offered an orange star Hand Mirror ($20). I never thought I needed a hand mirror until my mother-in-law asked for one the other day. Maybe I do need one?

The strength of the 2018 Summer Collection are the eight new shades of Velour Liquid Lipstick ($18). Instead of purchasing the entire collection for $105 (a savings of $39), I decided to just pick three individual shades.

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The first choice was easy – “Thirst Trap” – a mellow rose gold metallic. It’s by far, my favorite of the three. It’s somewhat similar to Ofra “Versailles” – of course, with a better formula.

Next up was “Cherry Wet”. I expected a pink/red, like a cherry, but it came out more red on me. Weird.

Last was “Fudge Pop”, a glittery metallic brown. Many brown lipsticks look odd on me, but this one was just right.

You can see me modeling the shades in the Insta post to the left. Clockwise from the top left: “Thirst Trap”, “Cherry Wet”, an ombre of “Fudge Pop” and “Thirst Trap”, and “Fudge Pop” alone. The ombre is AMAZING – this might be my new go-to look this summer.




Blood Sugar

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…Sex Magik. Sorry, can’t help it – I’m a child of the 90s. Blood Sugar Sex Magik was the soundtrack to the summer between 10th and 11th grade.

Forget about RHCP for a minute, and let’s focus on Jeffree Star Love Sick Collection. Launched back on February 10th, my cart was full, but the palette had already sold out when I tried to complete my transaction. Devastating! I wasn’t entirely shocked – although I’ve been lucky in the past, I missed out on the palette this time. I was pleased when a new feature was released within an hour or so – pre-orders for the re-stock!

The re-stock happened this past week and I received my Blood Sugar Palette ($52), plus the other goodies I picked out. The Blood Sugar Palette contains 18 eye shadows in a plastic case that resembles a First Aid Kid. That case fits neatly in a VHS Sleeve. Like whoa, that is a cool detail. Like the Beauty Killer Palette, the shadows blend effortlessly without primer, although the pans are smaller. I have been using the palette exclusively for the past few days and the combinations are endless.

The Collection launched with four new shades of Velour Liquid Lipstick ($18), but I only snagged three of them: “Romeo”, (bright matte neon pink – basically a highlighter for your lips, the marker not the makeup); “Problematic”, a vibrant, matte berry; and “Restraints”, a metallic gunmetal. I skipped “Self Control” – I just cannot rock a matte lavender lip.

I also splurged on Velour Lip Scrub in “Chocolate Covered Strawberry” ($12) and this stuff is MAGIK. It is a yummy way to remove your liquid lipstick – I could just eat the whole jar.

My only regret on spending $118 is that I don’t get Sephora or Ulta credit. Other than that, it is totally worth it.


Jeffree Star Holiday Collection 2017

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics released his Holiday Glitter Collection on November 18th. He’s been a busy bee this year, with a summer collection, a collab with Manny MUA and his family collection just a month ago. I hadn’t been interested in any of those collections…but this year’s Holiday Collection is on a whole other level.

It included 8 liquid lipsticks, 3 Ammo lipsticks, 3 new lips scrubs and 2 highlighter palettes. You know me – all I want are those liquid lipsticks. I actually tried to purchase the bundle of 8 ($105), but it had already sold out…at 12:03, just minutes after launch!

I decided to be conservative and pick out my favorite 4 colors.

I received my order 5 days ago, but it took me a bit to try out all the colors. I hope it was worth the wait!

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Instead of swatches on my arm, I decided to be narcissistic and use selfies.

“Poinsettia” is a bright, metallic red – perfect for any skin tone. I think I might like this one the best out of the collection. It’s somewhat similar to Kat Von D “Dazzle”, but I wouldn’t call it a dupe.

“Santa Baby” is a matter berry/wine. I like that it doesn’t lean too pink – this is a very mature berry.

“First Class” is a metallic true gold. The gold applies a bit thinner than the matte colors. I feel like it would be a knockout with a darker lip liner or a highlight.

Finally, we’ve got “Human Nature”, a dark mauve. I feel like it is very much a dupe of my favorite Jeffree shade – “Androgyny”. I’ll be doing a comparison swatch sometime soon. This shade looks the best on me, out of the four I picked.

More swatches coming soon!


Summer Chrome

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As fate would have it, Jeffree Star Cosmetic‘s Summer Chrome Collection dropped at almost EXACTLY the same time that my flight to Washington DC was set to land. But I remembered! I had my order placed before our plane reached the gate.

I briefly considered the whole collection, but I knew that I’d never ever wear that Kermit Green color – “Venus Flytrap”. I also didn’t need “You. Better. Work.” since it’s pretty close to Kat Von D “L.U.V.” So I just picked three ($18 each) – “Candyass”pink gold metallic, “Calabasas” – dark dusty rose, and “Family Jewels” – cool toned milk chocolate matte. “Candyass” is already sold out!

My order was waiting for me in the mailbox when I got home the following Sunday…and per my email, had been sitting in the mailbox, roasting since that Friday. All of the colors look great on me, even if I do say so myself. The formula seems thinner, but that could be due to the mailbox roasting?

I meant to get one of the new Lip Scrubs, but I totally forgot. I see another order in my future though…


Review – Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Liquid Lipstick

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It’s been a minute since I’ve done a full on product review, but I had ALL Saturday to myself and I had myself a little swatch party…

I’d been considering trying out Wet n Wild‘s new Megalast Liquid Catsuit Liquid Lipsticks since they launched at the end of 2016. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on liquid lipsticks in the past year or so – at $18-$20 each. Could a $4.99 product really match products that cost 3-4 times the price?

If you’re too lazy to read any further, the short answer is YES. If you’re NOT lazy, I’ll continue.

I started slowly, buying “Give Me Mocha” at Walgreen’s a few weeks ago. I was so impressed with the formula, that I started looking for a few more colors to test. It took a few trips to different Walgreen’s and Targets, but I also snagged “Rebel Rose” and “Goth Topic”, also snagging three more tubes to send to my lipstick buddy, Sally. They started their voyage to Scotland a week ago yesterday – I hope they get there soon!

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Let’s start with “Goth Topic”. I’ll admit it, I only bought it for the name. I spent so much time at Hot Topic in the 90s!

I don’t wear dark lipsticks like this much anymore, but back in high school and college, this dark maroonish/brownish color was my jam. It’s the 90s in one color.

I only had one color to compare it too – and it’s not that hot a match. NYX Liquid Suede Creme Lipstick in “Club Hopper”. The NYX lipsticks are only a bit more expensive at $6.99, so it’s not much of a savings, but I found that “Goth Topic” – although thin – gave better coverage than “Club Hopper” and wore off my inner lips more slowly.

I’m suspecting that I’ll rarely wear either of these, unless I want to really annoy my husband.

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On to “Rebel Rose” – a dusty rose. I’ll be honest, I thought that I had at least a handful of lipsticks that would match this one, but when I swatched them – they were all a little off. I wasn’t able to find ANY exact matches, but I decided to show off the closest ones I found.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics “Gemini” is somewhat similar, but a bit more Terra Cotta leaning. I suspect that it is a closer match to Jeffree Star “Doll Parts”, but I don’t have that one yet. Soon.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in “Patina” is a bit closer, but leans more lavender. I really like the Stila Formula – it’s not as drying as most others.

“Patina” lasts the longest of the three on me. It is also the most flattering, but “Rebel Rose” looks pretty amazing as well.

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…and I saved the best for last. “Give Me Mocha” is similar to SO many of my lipsticks – at least a dozen, if not 20. I narrowed it down the the very closest of matches to share.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in “Lolita” is my absolute favorite matte liquid lipstick right now. It’s not an exact match, but fairly close. I was hoping that Jeffree Star “Androgyny” (another favorite) would be a dupe, but it leans more mauve.

I found two from NYX that are very close: NYX Lip Lingerie in “Exotic” and NYX Intense Butter Gloss in “Chocolate Crepe”. The Lip Lingerie has the matte staying power, but “Chocolate Crepe” is the closest color match….BUT, it’s not a matte liquid lipstick. The Butter Gloss is a slimy gloss that gets all over the place.

If you want to be a babe on a budget, don’t lose a minute’s worth of sleep over saving a dime (or 150 dimes) by picking the Liquid Catsuit Liquid Lipstick. It lasts just as long as Jeffree or Kat Von D and the colors are decent. It doesn’t smell weird and although thinner, a second coat fixes any thin coverage spots. I just wish they had more colors!


You Can’t Sit With Us

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Last Thursday, I FINALLY received my Cyber Monday order from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I get it – they had a huge order volume from Black Friday to get through…but I just HAD to wait until Cyber Monday, so I could get “Dreamhouse”…but in doing so, I missed out on one of the Limited Edition Christmas Shades that I wanted – “Deceased”. It’s come back into stock a few times, but I haven’t ordered it…yet.

In addition to the metallic Barbie pink “Dreamhouse”, I picked up another Christmas shade – “Sagittarius”. I tried to tell my husband I picked it out for him, since he’s a Sag. Again, he was buying none of my bullshit. I was not disappointed – “Sagittarius” is almost as perfect for me as my best shade, “Androgyny”. It leans very purple on me, although it looks nude in the pic.

Oh! And I bought one one of the new pink Skin Frosts“Regina George” is a perfect pink accent for “Dreamhouse”.

Also…I’ve never seen Mean Girls…Shhhh…


Walk the Walk

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I tried to play it cool on Thanksgiving.

“Oh look, my nails match my dress.” My husband was buying none of my bullshit. “You know you were planning it all along.” Yeah. I was. The only choice I made that morning was lipstick – “Masochist” or “Richblood” – and I chose “Masochist”.

I knew I would be wearing the new red dress to Thanksgiving, so I painted my nails with Sinful Colors “Walk the Walk” from the “Luxe Fragments” Collection. It’s a cool-toned red jelly with glitter shards. It’s really almost a cranberry – fitting for Thanksgiving.

This is two coats – not quite full coverage – over Sinful Colors Base Coat and under “HK Girl”.


Androgynous Masochist

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Oh hello, my lovelies…

Another restock last week means another shipment of Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick.

I’d been waiting for a restock of “Androgyny” since Sally showed me the way and the light of Jeffree. This warm plum mauve is my new obsession. It’s very similar to Kat Von D “Lolita”, but less drying on me.

I also picked up “Masochist” – a cool berry red. On me, it’s very similar to “Rich Blood”, but without that purple shimmer. I’ve found that the reds transfer more than other colors – my coffee mug looked pretty bloody yesterday.

Jeffree just revealed his summer collection over the weekend. THANK GAWD I’m not interested in bright summer colors…my bank account couldn’t handle it if I fell in love.