Pepto Monkey Nutz

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Hands down, Nubar “Pinktober” is the most annoying polish I’ve ever worked with – an utter and complete pain in the ass. 


It looks completely innocuous in the bottle, but don’t let that fool you…It’s ridiculously thick, but somehow streaky? It took three thick coats to get a somewhat opaque finish. It’s possible that it didn’t like the Sinful Colors Base Coat – it’s almost like it wanted to slide off. I also did three coats on my toes – it took nearly half the damn bottle to do both toes and fingers.


Even with three coats, I still had a few bald spots on my nails. Luckily, “HK Girl” made them less noticeable. As annoying as it was to apply, it last fairly well through four days of beach and pool action in Mexico – it didn’t look like utter shit until the very last day.


The only reason I picked this Pepto Bismol pink nail polish was to match the flamingos on my new flamingo swimsuit…but while on vacation in Playa del Carmen, I found something else that my nails matched…


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Meet “King Monkey”.


The kids and I started calling him “King Monkey” because he is OBVIOUSLY the head monkey running this joint – I mean, look at his big, pink, swinging…gifts. My 11 year old son was utterly disgusted, while my 8 year old daughter was just confused by the “saggy skin bags”.


We were lucky enough to have “King Monkey” and his concubines visit our balcony several times during our stay in Mexico. Even though there were signs all over the resort warning us not to feed them, they delivered a fruit platter to our room – surely they had to know that we wouldn’t be able to resist “King Monkey”.

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