August Julep Maven Box – Endless Summer

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I wish this really was an “Endless Summer” – I feel like this summer has gone by much too quickly. I can’t believe that school starts in less than three weeks!

I got a note from Julep last week that there would be a delay in sending out this month’s new product – No Excuses Invisible Sunscreen Gel – but they would go ahead and send out the rest of my box. That’s nice and all…but I am really bummed. I was hoping to bring it to Playa del Carmen with me next week. Oh well…

My other choices this month were two sparkly polishes – It Girl “Pam”, tigerlily holographic, and Classic with a Twist “Stephanie”, juicy cherry holographic. Funny, I have a sister named Pam and my husband has a sister named Stephanie. This month’s treat is a Lemonhead – a single solitary Lemonhead. Gross – my husband can have it.

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