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Instagram is like my crack. My girl Rita (@blkisbeauti) posted that she saw the Barbie sets and Sinful Colors Kylie polishes for 50% off at Walgreen’s. I conned my husband into dropping me off to browse…but only after I walked the aisles at Lowe’s. Marriage is compromise.

I literally snatched up the last Barbie Face Case. There are 9 eye shadows (NO blue eye shadow? All my Barbies had blue eye shadow!), a blush, a lipstick, liquid eyeliner for that signature cat-eye) and eye shadow primer. I also grabbed “Barbie Pink” lipstick and a Makeup Bag – because of there is anything I need, it’s more makeup bags. They didn’t have any brushes or fingernail polish left.

I also spied the Sinful Colors Kylie Jenner Collection for 50% off. These polishes had been excluded from the usual Sinful Colors sales, so I was pumped. I am not thrilled to be making Kylie Jenner any richer, but I can throw the bitch $1.49. I picked up the following shades: “Kleopatra”, “Angelik”, “After Dark”, “Kargo”, “Konstellation”, and “Haute Koffee”. Oh, I get it…all the polishes have a “K” in the name. So klever.

You know I’m gonna hit more Walgreen’s to see what else I can find…

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  1. […] Colors “Konstellation”, my first pick from the handful of Kylie Jenner polishes that I picked up on clearance at Walgreen’s. I thought it would be a shimmery duochrome charcoal, but I was wrong…it’s a matte […]

  2. […] Regardless of the ridiculous name, this polish is life itself. Perfectly matte, but with a touch of shimmer. This is the best yet from the Kylie “Trend Matters” Collection. I cannot believe I’ve been sitting on this polish since September. […]

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