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The anticipation of opening each month’s Julep box….even though I pick the contents each month, I manage to forget what polishes I picked in the 2 weeks or so before it arrives.

This month, the first polish that caught my eye was Julep Wonder Maven “Pacita”,ย Honey Ginger Sheer Iridescent Shimmer. Great – now I want Thai food. Even though it is a very sheer polish, I got fairly full coverage with two coats. I started with Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat (my bottle is almost empty, but I have a back-up.) and topped with “HK Girl”.

The only shortcoming of the polish is that as it dried, it drew away from the edges of my nails, leaving a thin bare edge. This happened within an hour of drying, so it wasn’t normal edge wear. It didn’t look horrible, but it made my OCD flare up.

“Pacita” reminds me of Paquita, the heroine of Dead Alive. “Your mother ate my dog!”

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