Polish Pickup February 2024 – Wild Animals

I *may* have went HAM on Polish Pickup. Again.

February’s theme was “Wild Animals” and I was excited to pick out some of my favorite animals. I was also excited to try some new nail polish brands.

Cadillacquer “Northern Cardinal” ($14) is inspired by the ubiquitous (at least in Texas) Northern Cardinal.

Cat Tail Nails “Little King Trash Mouth” ($12) is inspired by a raccoon that lives behind Bob’s Burgers. Oh, and it’s a solar polish.

Penelope Luz “Hummingbird” ($13) is self-explanatory. I had to have it.

Alchemy Lacquers “Karma Chameleon” ($12.50) is inspired by a chameleon.

Which one shall I try first???

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