Flamingo Socks

I SWEAR this was an accident. I had paired up my new Sporty Brights by complementary colors and had Lily pick which pair I tried first. It wasn’t until after I had finished them, that I realized that they matched the Flamingo socks I was wearing.

I also didn’t realize that I still had some Sinful Colors Base Coat left in the bottle – there’s maybe one use left after what I used with this look. I started with two coats of the blue, Sinful Colors “Double Time”, and orange-coral, Sinful Colors “Warning!”. I used a dotting tool to add polka dots in the complementary color to my ring finger and pinky. There is a rubber-like texture to the polish, It’s supposed to be like the sole of a sneaker? To me, it doesn’t feel like a sneaker sole, as much as they feel like kindergarten chairs. Remember those molded plastic chairs that they used to have in elementary school? THAT’S what these polishes remind me of.

I finished with the new Sinful Colors Rubber Top Coat. The top coat definitely preserved the rubber texture. I am curious to find out if it will add the texture to a plain polish.

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