RIP Little Polishes

It’s hard to say goodbye to dried up nail polishes, even if they are petrified beyond rescue. I recently reorganized my nail polishes and came upon these three polishes that could not be saved.

The hardest to let go of was Revlon Street Wear “Furball”. Revlon Street Wear was a fun line of nail polishes from the 90s – they offered a rainbow of colors and textures before it was mainstream to do so. I’m pretty sure that I picked this polish up in college. It’s very similar to Sinful Colors “Glass Pink”, so I won’t mourn it too much.

I also said goodbye to Revlon Nail Art “Break-up”, a dried up crackle polish. I think it’s a dupe of OPI “Super Bass Shatter”.

I was surprised that China Glaze “Boo-Gie Down” was totally solidified – but I guess I did buy it almost 6 years ago… no dupes that I can think of, I might need another black, white and gold glitter.

Rest in peace, little polishes…

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