Product Review – Janet Sartin

I love Janet Sartin products. It’s not super well known even though it’s been around for some time. My mom used these products, the smell is a comfort to me, but I completely forgot about it as an adult. They are from a company in NYC, they have one very well known spa. Products can be purchased there or online. One day, I will go to the spa! Anywho, I’m slowly adding more and more to my skin care from Janet Sartin. It’s not cheap, but it’s well worth it. Here are some of the products I’ve grown to love and use.

Gentle cleanser: This stuff trumps any and all makeup cleansers I have ever used! I don’t use it to remove eye makeup, my eyes are insanely sensitive, but it works for that too. I will use a normal makeup wipe and think everything is off, use this cleanser and realize I still have so much product still on my face. It’s unbelievable how clean your face is after this. You don’t need much, just enough to slightly wet a cotton round and all your makeup is off! I also love the smell. It’s $37 for the 6oz bottle, it lasted me 3 months. So the price point isn’t bad at all!

Skin Application liquid: I call this miracle in a bottle. I don’t know what this crazy stuff is but you put it on a zit and by morning it’s half the size, if not gone. If you happen to pop that Zit and use this, that thing is nothing but a little spot in the morning. I get a small 2oz bottle and I used it nightly, and in 3 months; I still have about a month of it left. If you don’t have tons of zits but just that fun once a month face issue, this bottle will last you at least a year or more. The 2oz bottle is $26, again for the amount of time you’ll have this, not so bad!

White astringent: I use this about once a month, when I get a little cluster of acne or if I notice I have some super oily spots in the summer time. I apply it to my little acne area and in the morning it’s pulled up all the impurities and most them acne is gone or brought to the surface so you can apply the skin application to get it gone. It helps pull out the nasties in your face and balance the oily areas. A 2oz bottle lasts me 3 months. A 2oz bottle is $26, again, great value.

Green tea purifying mask: I’ve been wanting to try this mask for a while so I was super stoked when I got a full size jar with my last order! It comes with a silicon brush, which I love because they are easier to keep clean. The mask is definitely matcha green! Applying was awesome, it’s super thick. I used what I thought was a lot, on my face and neck, but it didn’t even make a dent in the amount that’s in the jar. My face felt refreshed, smooth, clean, glowing, I absolutely love it! It retails for $49, yes not cheap, but this will last you a while! As a matter of fact, I’m about to use it again this morning!

Happy buying! Take a look into Janet Sartin products. You don’t be disappointed.

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