Polish Pickup March 2024 – Slumber Party

I shopped light during March’s Polish Pickup – I snagged just two polishes from the “Slumber Party” themed collection.

Dreamland Lacquer “Pink Pajama Party” ($13) is inspired by the pink pajamas that one might wear to a pajama party. It seems to be a great Barbie pink, but I admit – I was really drawn in my the brand name – Dreamland Lacquer. You know who else lives in Dreamland – besides me, of course? Babs Johnson…Dawn Davenport…Francine Fishpaw…Edna Turnblad…some really GREAT ladies.

Danglefoot Nail Polish “What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?” ($13.50) is (obviously) inspired by the film Scream.

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  1. […] I am BLOWN AWAY by Dreamland Lacquer “Pink Pajama Party“. It’s a shimmer neon that DOESN’T require a coat of white polish underneath it to make it pop. I repeat – it’s THIS pink without a white base coat. Thank you March Polish Pickup! […]

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