I’ve got a new obsession…it’s an Indie Fragrance House called Sucreabeille. My sister sent me a link months and months ago, but I hadn’t made a purchase until this past Black Friday…I delayed my posting a bit, because I didn’t want to spoil a gift. I got so many different scents, that it did take me a bit to work through them all.

All of Sucreabeille’s scents are available in either perfume oil or eau de Parfum. I prefer EDP, so that’s what I ordered.

I couldn’t resist the Challenging Discovery Set ($28), which includes 5 1 ml samples of strange and unusual scents: “Black Honey” (a rich blend of honeys and incense); “Chloroform” (an indole heavy gardenia – unfortunately, it literally smells like cat shit on me); “Final Boss” (and now I know that synthetic ambergris smells like cat piss on me – maybe I should try “Final Boss” and “Chloroform” together); “Cute Rage” (all I smell is APPLE); and “What Fresh Hell is This?” (smells like a black jelly bean on me – giving it to my son). I’d say that this was a wasted purchase, except I really had fun trying the scents and torturing my family with them. “Final Boss” was the only one bad enough that I had to wipe off immediately, and I am in LOVE with “Black Honey”.

I also selected a set of 5 sample drams ($60) to try out: “Goth. As. Fuck.” (I’d argue that this is also a challenging scent – incense, patchouli and beeswax – but I am up to this challenge); “I Come From a Long Line of Terrifying Women” (I admit, I bought it just for the name, but the mix of whiskey and tobacco is intriguing); “Lilith Fury” (Again, the name got me – it’s a spicy chai scent); “Mouthy Broad” (whiskey and roses); and my favorite of the whole order, “Memento Mori” (the mix of incense and Egyptian Musk is an almost exact dupe of the Blue Rose incense we used to buy at Scarborough Faire – it brought back a flood of memories.)

Since I bought during a black Friday sale, I got lots of freebies. I got a whole-ass oil rollerball of “Krampus” (a delicious gingerbread scent), as well as 3 oil drams from the Winter Collection: “Frozen Moon” (sugar plums and marshmallows), “Whispering Black” (cedar and rain), and “Heartwood” (rose wood and cedar wood, it reminds me of the cedar balls my mother kept in her armoire).

Did I mention there is a monthly subscription box, too? I sure did sign up!

There was a killer after-Holiday sale, so I have another order coming!

If you’d like to try out Sucreabeille, use my referral link and we’ll both get a $5 off coupon!

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