Power Paint

Guess what? There’s a new Sinful Colors Collection! Well…kind of new.

I expected to find the new Power Paint polishes in a cute display on an endcap, but I was shocked to find them on the aisle, right where the Sinful Shine polishes should be…where did the Sinful Shine polishes go? It seems like this is not exactly a “new” collection, but a rename of the Sinful Shine polishes…these colors look VERY familiar….hmmmm…

Eh, HEB had BOGO 50% off coupons, so I went ahead and bought just 4 of the 15 rebranded polishes. Left to right, I picked up “24K Drips”, “Cari-BAE-n”, “Diamonds on my Neck”, and “Shine, Honey”. I hope they are not exact duplicates of polishes I already have!

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