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Save the Bees!

No, for real – SAVE THE BEES!

Also, this nail polish is Sinful Colors “Save the Bees” from their new Honey Flake collection. I am not the biggest fan of yellow nail polish – they make me feel like Marge Simpson – but this one is different. It’s got FLAKIES. I love flakies.

I started with Glisten & Glow Ridge Filling Base Coat, then painted two coats of “Save the Bees.” It has amazingly full coverage for a jelly-flaky polish. I finished with Glisten & Glow Top Coat on all of my nails, except the pinkies. My pinkies were topped with Glisten & Glow Matte Top Coat. I LOVE matte flakies even more than glossy flakies.

I snagged “Save the Bees” and her sister “Buzz Off” at HEB – I think they were $2.98 each…and they were worth every penny.


Power Paint

Guess what? There’s a new Sinful Colors Collection! Well…kind of new.

I expected to find the new Power Paint polishes in a cute display on an endcap, but I was shocked to find them on the aisle, right where the Sinful Shine polishes should be…where did the Sinful Shine polishes go? It seems like this is not exactly a “new” collection, but a rename of the Sinful Shine polishes…these colors look VERY familiar….hmmmm…

Eh, HEB had BOGO 50% off coupons, so I went ahead and bought just 4 of the 15 rebranded polishes. Left to right, I picked up “24K Drips”, “Cari-BAE-n”, “Diamonds on my Neck”, and “Shine, Honey”. I hope they are not exact duplicates of polishes I already have!


Go Off!

Breaking News! HEB has the newest Sinful Colors Glitter Topper Collection – “Go Off!”

Do I really need three different shades of the same shimmer topper with the exact same glitters – little gold solar flares and hot pink lips? I do…because HOT PINK LIPS!

The baby blue polish is “Not Sorry”. The light pink polish is “Pop Off”. The lavender polish is “Just Say It”. I bought them ALL…at $2.98 each.

I guess my news alert is fairly meaningless, unless you live in South Texas, where HEB is KING…


Essenchills + Tulle Temptations

If there’s one thing that 2021 has going for it, it’s TWO new collections from Sinful Colors!

The Essenchills Collection is another scented collection, inspired by the scents of a spa day. There are 9 polishes in the collection: “So Matcha Better” (Matcha Tea), “Chamomile Calm” (Chamomile), “Bath Goals” (a Milky Bath), “Coffee Drip” (Coffee), “Salt Bath Babe” (Himalayan Salt), “Beach Vibes” (Ocean Breeze), “Smoky Palo Santo” (Palo Santo), “Low-Key Lavender” (Lavender), and “Eucalyptahhh” (Eucalyptus).

The Tulle Temptations Collection is made of sheer matte polishes with a shimmer. There’s a Semi-Matte Top Coat and 8 polishes: “Sheer-Treuse” (lime green), “Turnt-quoise” (turquoise), “Veiled in Violet” (purple), “Kiss of Cobalt” (blue), “Hot Pink Tights” (pink), “Hot & Hazy” (coral), “See-Through Citrine” (yellow), and “Ruby Tutu” (red).

I was a bit impatient, so I went ahead and ordered six packs of each collection on Amazon…but since each collection is 9 polishes, I knew I would still be on the hunt. Before I even got the Amazon deliveries, BOTH collections showed up at HEB, with the Sheer Matte Tulle Temptations at $1.98 each and the Essenchills at $2.98 each, which is opposite of their Amazon pricing. I filled out my collection, as well as getting duplicate sets to send to a few friends. Like last year’s collection, each collection had Wal-mart exclusive colors, which I managed to find a few days after the others.

Which one will I try first…hmmmmm…


10 Polishes

That’s right – I bought 10 bottles of nail polish on Saturday. I can stop any time.

I started with one bottle – Sinful Colors “Track $tar” – at Walmart. I found the rest of the new Sporty Brights at HEB, but “Track $tar” is a Walmart exclusive color, so I saw it and sprung for it.

The other nine polishes were from my grocery store stop at HEB. There was a 3/$5 coupon in the MyHEB app, which is a good deal on the regular $1.98 polishes…and a GREAT deal on the new Quick Bliss polishes, which are listed for $3.98!

First, I grabbed all the Quick Bliss polishes. Quick Bliss is Sinful Colors’ newest formula, which includes Cherry Oil and supposedly dries in a minute. Left to right, the polishes are “Ice Ice Cherry!”, “Climaxxx”, “Flushed”, “Blackcherry”, “Sweet Cheeks (Sheer)”, “Cherry Chaser”, “Hit the Spot”, and “Bite”. Is it me, or are these names kinda sexual?

I needed to buy 9 polishes to make the coupon work, so I added Sinful Shine “Prosecco”, a polish that I’ve had my eye on for a while.

It turns out that there are 9 Quick Bliss polishes though. It appears that I missed “Juicy”, which may possibly be a Walmart exclusive. My closest Walmart doesn’t have the Quick Bliss lines yet though – so I’ll have to try again later.

All told, I got 10 polishes (~$38 worth) for ~$18.


Sporty Brights

New font, who dis? Look at these fancy new Sinful Colors bottles – the first new collection of 2020 has a new font AND a new finish.

I came upon the entire “Sporty Brights” Collection at my HEB. I picked up all 7 shades and the new Rubber Top Coat at $1.98 each. Per the stickers, they have a “Sneaker-like Texture.”

The shades are, left to right: “Fit Chick”, “Warning!”, “Shoot & Swishhh”, “Fitspo”, “Double Time”, “Werk Out”, and “Trainers”. I’m itching to try these 80s looking, neon babies out.


Liquid Chrome Disco Baby

Fuck. This. Nail Polish.

Not since essie “Belugaria” have I hated a nail polish formula this much. But Sinful Colors Liquid Chrome “Disco Baby” broke me. It had so much potential, but I couldn’t get it right, even after trying a second time.

I was super excited to find the 3 piece set at HEB for $6.99. In addition to the Liquid Chrome polish in “Disco Baby”, it comes with a base coat and Sinful Colors Mirror Shine Top Coat. (HEB also had 3/$5 coupons for Sinful Colors – I squealed and grabbed 3 Sinful Shines“Diamond in the Raw”, “Wine Not” and “Galaxy” – HEB spoils me rotten).

I followed the instructions to the letter. After the base coat, I painted one coat of “Disco Baby”. The polish dragged a bit, but I expected that. There were a few thin spots, but nothing too egregious. I then finished with the Mirror Shine Top Coat. What the fuck, why the polish start swirling as soon as I applied the top coat? It even got a few bubbles.

Fuck. I know I am spoiled by Glisten & Glow, but the time it took this top coat to dry was totally unacceptable. I sat through a whole episode of The Walking Dead and it was still a tad tacky. Even they next day, it had an almost sticky feel. I hated the way it felt and hated the way it looked – see left picture. Oh – and it started peeling away from the edges of my nails. Not chipping – this shitty polish peeled down from my cuticles.

No one likes a quitter, so I decided to try again. The very next day, I took off the polish and tried again. Again I started with the base coat and a single, albeit slightly thicker coat of “Disco Baby”. This time, I finished with Glisten & Glow Top Coat. Well, THAT was a mistake. The top coat literally made the polish start to swirl and dissolve. It was an effect similar to the Transforming Top Coats. Have you ever balled up a piece of aluminum foil and then tried to smooth it again? THAT is what my nails looked like. At least they weren’t sticky.

I don’t know if my nails are too bumpy, or if I am just not patient enough or if this formula is just stupid, but I gave up on this polish. Not one to be selfish with my misery, I promptly boxed up the Liquid Chrome set and sent to my nail buddy, Angie. She is not blessed with HEB up in Plano, and I am hoping that she can prove me wrong by making this nail polish her bitch!


Wicked Neons

Ooohhh…HEB has a mini display with the Bebe Rexha Halloween Collection – “Wicked Neons” for $1.98 each. I am so glad the prices are not inflated to $2.98 like the Vanessa Hudgens polishes – and they are blacklight reactive!

There are 8 polishes in the full collection – 4 cremes and 4 glitters – but like Velvet Obsession, the mini display only had the 3 designated “Bebe’s Shade” and a bunch of re-promotes from the Core Collection, like “Black on Black” and “Queen of Beauty”. Bebe’s shades are (left to right) “Blue in the Dark”, “Glow for It”, and “W*tch Please”. What’s with all the asterisks in shade names these days? First Lady Gaga, now Bebe Rexha…and witch isn’t even a curse word???

I was able to find one of the other cremes – “Techno Violet” – at Target today. I’ll have to pick the rest up at Walmart.


Velvet Obsession

I ran ALL around Walmart last weekend, looking for the new Sinful Colors x Bebe Rexha Collaboration, as well as a new Blacklight Halloween Collection. I didn’t find them at Walmart, but I found three of the Bebe Rexha polishes at HEB for $2.98 each.

The Bebe Rexha Collaboration is called “Velvet Obsession” and is a collection of eight velvet-y matte polishes, three of which were chosen by Bebe herself. It seems that I found the three Bebe shades: “Glam N’ Roses” – a light pink, “Twisted Obsession” – a bright purple, and “Dark Romance” – a dark brownish burgundy.

Okay, now I need the other five…I really don’t give a shit about Bebe Rexha, but these polishes are noice.


HEB is Sinful

NEWSFLASH! HEB has the best deal I’ve ever seen on Sinful Colors Nail Polish!

Courtesy of their little yellow coupons, HEB is offering Sinful Colors Nail Polish for 3/$5! That might not sound like an amazing deal, at $1.32 each. It is true, Walgreens used to have 3/$5 quite often, and even 5/$5 on Black Friday…but their sales never included Sinful Shine ($2.98 each, instead of $1.98).

That’s right, Sinful Shines worked with the coupon! I made sure and had the checker scan them last and them immediately scan the coupon – no issues at all! I was conservative and just picked up three: “Shimmarine”, “Magic Dragon”, and “Spice”.

There were no special collections or displays at my regular store…part of me wants to scope out a few nearby locations to see if there are any with the new Bebe Rexha Collection…