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Wicked Neons

Ooohhh…HEB has a mini display with the Bebe Rexha Halloween Collection – “Wicked Neons” for $1.98 each. I am so glad the prices are not inflated to $2.98 like the Vanessa Hudgens polishes – and they are blacklight reactive!

There are 8 polishes in the full collection – 4 cremes and 4 glitters – but like Velvet Obsession, the mini display only had the 3 designated “Bebe’s Shade” and a bunch of re-promotes from the Core Collection, like “Black on Black” and “Queen of Beauty”. Bebe’s shades are (left to right) “Blue in the Dark”, “Glow for It”, and “W*tch Please”. What’s with all the asterisks in shade names these days? First Lady Gaga, now Bebe Rexha…and witch isn’t even a curse word???

I was able to find one of the other cremes – “Techno Violet” – at Target today. I’ll have to pick the rest up at Walmart.


Velvet Obsession

I ran ALL around Walmart last weekend, looking for the new Sinful Colors x Bebe Rexha Collaboration, as well as a new Blacklight Halloween Collection. I didn’t find them at Walmart, but I found three of the Bebe Rexha polishes at HEB for $2.98 each.

The Bebe Rexha Collaboration is called “Velvet Obsession” and is a collection of eight velvet-y matte polishes, three of which were chosen by Bebe herself. It seems that I found the three Bebe shades: “Glam N’ Roses” – a light pink, “Twisted Obsession” – a bright purple, and “Dark Romance” – a dark brownish burgundy.

Okay, now I need the other five…I really don’t give a shit about Bebe Rexha, but these polishes are noice.


HEB is Sinful

NEWSFLASH! HEB has the best deal I’ve ever seen on Sinful Colors Nail Polish!

Courtesy of their little yellow coupons, HEB is offering Sinful Colors Nail Polish for 3/$5! That might not sound like an amazing deal, at $1.32 each. It is true, Walgreens used to have 3/$5 quite often, and even 5/$5 on Black Friday…but their sales never included Sinful Shine ($2.98 each, instead of $1.98).

That’s right, Sinful Shines worked with the coupon! I made sure and had the checker scan them last and them immediately scan the coupon – no issues at all! I was conservative and just picked up three: “Shimmarine”, “Magic Dragon”, and “Spice”.

There were no special collections or displays at my regular store…part of me wants to scope out a few nearby locations to see if there are any with the new Bebe Rexha Collection…


Black Gold


Black gold…Texas tea…

I was afraid this combination would look trashy, but it turned out fairly classy. After Sinful Colors Base Coat, I painted two coats of Maybelline Color Show “Twilight Rays” on each nail. “Twilight Rays” is black with a strong gold shimmer. I thought it would be more subtle, but it is really striking. I used essie Luxeffects “Summit of Style” to accent my thumb and ringfinger – I got it on clearance at HEB yesterday for $4.22! This is just one coat of “Summit of Style” – I think I could get full coverage in two, maybe three coats. I sealed the deal with “HK Girl”.

It’s funny how essie “Set in Stones” is blindingly blingy, yet “Summit of Style” is more understated – more like gold jewelry instead of diamonds. My luxeffects collection is almost complete…


HEB Beauty Clearance


I know it might seem like it, but I had slowed WAY down on my nail polish purchase…until this month, anyway. So many beauty clearances, so little time.

I had some time to kill while my daughter was at a birthday party yesterday, so I decided to knock out some grocery shopping at HEB. I meandered into the beauty section with a full cart and found not just an endcap, but a whole table display of beauty clearance. There was a little bit of everything…

I chose three nail polishes – Maybelline Color Show “Midnight Blue” and “Twilight Rays” ($1.48 each), and Revlon Parfumerie “China Flower” ($2.48″). I also grabbed Physicians Formula Extreme Shimmer Eye Liner for Green Eyes ($4.81). I couldn’t resist the green glitter eyeliner…I NEEDED it.

About $10 is a small price to pay for such happiness…


On a Mission…


When you’re on a mission and you still don’t find what you’re looking for…but still come home with several bags of goodies…

My mission – to find some dupes of Kat Von D “Lolita” (Sephora exclusive) and Anastasia Beverly Hills “Veronica” (Macy’s exclusive). As painful as it would be to spend $20 on a lipstick, it’s more annoying that both are very hard to come by – forever out of stock in stores and online. So I did some googling and found some cheaper alternatives. I hadn’t used my 20% off Ulta coupon, so I went in search of some NYX and Essence dupes. I saw online that NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in “Cannes” and NYX Intense Butter Gloss in “Chocolate Crepe” were close. Nope – no luck. I did, however, pick up another Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in “Soft Brown”, another Zoya Remove+ and Ulta Dual Tipped Foam Applicators (I can’t quit foam applicators). I also hit a Target and HEB looking for NYX, Essence and wet n wild dupes – but no luck.

That was Saturday. On Sunday, I scammed my husband into dropping me off at a different Ulta – I did manage to find NYX “Chocolate Crepe” – but no “Cannes”! I did grab NYX Butter Lipstick in “Pops” – it looks close, too. And then I saw the Fall Ulta Gift with Purchase (a leatherette bag with the usual – eye shadow quads, blush, mascara, polish, brushes, eye liner, lip gloss, etc.)…I picked Ulta Shiny Sheer Lip Gloss in “Smoky” (I thought it would be darker, but it just made my lips vaguely gray and glittery) and Ulta Liquid Liner in “Black Pearl” (Glittery black eye liner is good, but they were out of the Rose Gold I wanted). That was only $19 and I needed $19.50, so I grabbed Ulta Cotton Pads.

Last stop, HEB to grab some soda for my M-i-L…and I found wet n wild Megalast Lip Stick in “Spiked with Rum” ($1.93). Still no “Cannes”, I’ll keep searching, but look forward to some lipstick swatches coming soon…


HEB Enabler


I love my enabler husband. All we needed was yogurt for smoothies, but he let me meander through the cosmetics department first…just in case there was a polish I missed.

Of course there was…I found Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer “Work of Tart”. I also spied a Milani Runway Eyes wet/dry shadow in “Girls Luv Pink”. The sticker on the shadow said $3.34 – a good deal – but it rang up for $1, just like the polish. Score!



$1 Sucker


I was so proud of myself yesterday – I had gone to Big Lots for lunch snacks for my kids and managed to leave without any polishes…although I did dig through the buckets, I showed restraint. My restraint was gone when I stopped by HEB after work for some tasty, fresh tortillas – I passed an endcap labelled “Final Clearance”. I couldn’t resist any longer.

I got Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer “Sugar Cloud” & “Mint Tint” (I’ve tried Sugar Coat, but not Sugar Shimmer), Sally Hansen Triple Shine “Scale Up” (is there such a thing as too many flakies?) and Nicole by Opi “Party Bus” from the Carrie Underwood Collection.

When my husband was unpacking the groceries, he took one look inside the polish bag and groaned, “Really???” Uh oh…I must have crossed some imaginary line…


Those Yellow Coupons…


HEB has me hooked with those yellow coupons…It’s like cold, hard cash!

They’ve got $2 off Revlon again and I thought there wasn’t anything I wanted…I saw “Chameleon” and I knew then that I was wrong. It’s a gold/green duochrome – I couldn’t say no.

The regular polishes are $3.67, so $1.67 after coupon is a steal!

Putting it on now…


She Loves Me!


My BFF really loves me! While she was vacationing in Seattle a few weeks ago, she stopped by a Walgreen’s and picked up a few Sinful Colors for me – “Queen of Beauty” and “Purple Diamond”. (She had also gotten me “Starry Night”, but since I already had that one – she got to keep it.)

It’s been like a month since we hung out, but we finally got to hang out yesterday. On the way back from visiting her sis in the hospital (who is like my sis), we stopped at HEB for random shit and I couldn’t resist picking up NYC “Fashion Queen”, because with the $1 off coupon…SHIT, it was 98 cents.