As If…

My nails match my doll!

Okay, not MY doll…my daughter’s doll…but you get the idea…and yes, I realize that it’s NOT a Barbie…but we all make exceptions sometimes.

I just happened to pick up these Color Street Nail Strips in “Breaking Plaid”…and coincidentally, we JUST watched Clueless for the first time about a month ago. (Don’t tell me, I already know I am WEIRD.) Shortly afterwards, Lily was gifted this Rainbow High doll – how could I not go all matchy matchy?

I will admit, I LOATHE the solid color nail strips – they show every single mistake in my application. I totally screwed up the thumb – it ripped right in the center! From now on, I’ll use just the glitter or designs and use regular polish on accent nails…because these nails were an absolute tragedy!

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