Karma Chameleon

Of COURSE, I picked Alchemy Lacquers “Karma Chameleon” to try first. I mean – just look at it!

I realize that green iguanas are not the same as chameleons. They change color, but slowly. Anyway, this polish reminds me of the bluish green coloration on the green iguana (Cheech) that he had when I met him. I miss Cheech sometimes…I hope he is still living his best life in Hurst. We gave him up when I got pregnant (20 years ago), but when those friends moved to Cali, they had to give him up, so he became the star resident of this pet store in Hurst.

This is two coats of “Karma Chameleon” over Cuticula Mic Drop Base Coat in “Melt Down” and under Cuticula Limitless Top Coat in “Raspberry Pop”. This combo lasted a really, REALLY long time in nail polish days. No chips and very little edge wear – I was impressed.

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