I Love You, You Love Me


…We’re a happy family…

Admit it, you sang it in your head, too.

I can’t help but think of that big, ugly purple dinosaur when I look at my fingernails. They’re just so…purple…

I used Julep “Rosa” – Amethyst for February on top of Julep “Elle”. Honestly, I’m not in love with this paint job. I screwed up my thumbnail and the glitter got covered with the purple and the glitter doesn’t look right. I need either a darker glitter over the dark base or a lighter base to go with the light glitter. “Rosa” looked a lot better over a lighter color on my toes a few weeks ago.

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  1. […] Amethyst for February has a clear base. I thought it was darker, but I had forgotten that I had used another color underneath it. Hmmm…it decided to shrink away from the tips. Now it looks like I don’t know how to […]

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