National Fragrance Day


Like most Americans, I only celebrate holidays that benefit me. If Bath & Body Works wants to give me a free Fragrance Mist (with any purchase) in honor of National Fragrance Day, who am I to not honor their celebration?

I also hadn’t gone shopping ALL Spring Break, so I was going a little batty. Lily and I went to Bath & Body Works for the express purpose of “celebrating National Fragrance Day.” I knew going in that I would get another “Carried Away” Fragrance Mist, but what would I buy to make that free Fragrance Mist happen?

I needed another Hand Cream ($5) for my purse. Since Lily can read now, I told her that she can “try” anything with a red “TRY ME” label. When she came to me wearing half a bottle of “Mango Hibiscus” AntiBac, I knew that was the scent of Hand Cream I wanted…but they didn’t have it. Sigh. I settled for “Honolulu Sun.” I can’t even figure out what the scent is – kind of like suntan lotion and dryer sheets?

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