Two fingernail posts in a row…uh OH!

“Tracy” was one of the polishes I received in my Lucky Mystery Box. I thought it was just another sparkly blue, but “Tracy” had a surprise in store for me – it’s texture! As the first coat started to dry, I realized that “Tracy” had a sea salt texture. It’s amazing!

Two coats dried super fast, but not quite as fast as I thought it did. I screwed up one of my thumbs getting my usual mid-Walking Dead ice cream.

I’ve got an idea about how to fix that…

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  1. […] “Elsa” – snowdrift iridescent stardust – is much thicker than Julep’s usual stardusts. It’s straight up SLUDGE. It was impossible to apply without entirely filling the edges of my nails – every crevice. I must have used a quarter of the bottle putting two coats on my nails (over Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat). Luckily, it dried quickly and scraped off easily enough. “Elsa” would look magnificent in an ombre with Julep “Tracy”! […]

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