If Julep “Jennine” is a blue butterfly, then Julep “Harlow” is a golden dragonfly with a hint of green iridescence.

I started with Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat, and then added 2 coats of “Harlow”. This may be a one coat polish. It was stunningly smooth when I went to sleep last night, but this morning the finish was riddled with tiny bubbles. So annoying!

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  1. […] doing wrong, or if it’s just the polish…but I got those damn bubbles again. Just like “Harlow”, “Kathy” looked fine when I went to bed…but when I woke up, my fingernails were […]

  2. […] is Zoya Matte Velvet “Harlow” – not to be confused with Julep “Harlow”. Zoya “Harlow” originally came out in Winter 2009 (along with “Veruschka” […]

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