Bestest Bestie ever!


Did you know that I have the bestest bestie ever?

I was freaking out last week because she was in Vegas and we hadn’t hung out in a few weeks. At least we were still texting and I was living vicariously through her facebook posts. The problem was that she kept checking into Sephora to taunt me. I had been lusting after the Kat Von D Butterfly palettes for months, but I hadn’t even had a chance to go check it out in person yet…

So instead of a lame T-shirt or bumper sticker, she just bought my the Kat Von D “Chrysalis” palette! I got all verklempt and shit…

My vacation will be to Alaska in a few weeks…I don’t even think they have Sephora or Ulta there, so I guess I’ll be bringing her back Moose Jerky or Whale Blubber Soap or something?

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