A Good Red is Hard to Find


A good red is hard to find…but I’ve found the best red fingernail polish ever created – Zoya “Sooki”.

This is a single coat of “Sooki”, topped with Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat. Absolute full coverage in one coat. It was very shiny on it’s own, but the top coat makes it look like glass.

Plus…it was FREE.


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  1. Jamie says:

    Zoya Sooki is also my favorite toenail polish. I am a feminine guy (like the opposite of a Tomboy) that has a very strong feminine side. I live in a warm climate and my toes are always on display in women’s sandals. I get a professional pedicure every two weeks and always wear red polish. I had been wearing Big Apple Red for years until I discovered Zoya Sooki. A love this polish because it is a really true red, even more true than Big Apple Red. If you really want a beautiful shine on your toes that will last for several weeks, try Seche Vite Base and Topcoat.

    Best Regards,

    • Lara says:

      I’ve never tried “Big Apple Red” myself, but I’ve heard of it – OPI, right? I don’t think anything could replace my love for “Sooki”, but I had Julep “India” – a vibrant, almost smurfy blue – on my toes for about a month and it’s a close second!

      Thanks for visiting my site!

  2. Jamie says:

    HI Lara,

    Thanks for the reply. It is OPI Big Apple Red. I will show you some pics so that you can see Big Apple Red on my toes. Please see the following link for a pic of my toes wearing Big Apple Red:


    Please see this link for another pic of my toes wearing Big Apple Red:


    At the current time I don’t have any pics of my toes wearing Sooki. Sooki is a little brighter then Big Apple Red. The pic of your toes wearing sooki looks a little darker, but that darker image may be due to the camera or the lighting.

    What us your opinion of the Big Apple Red on my toes? I really love a true fire engine red polish on my toes and have been wearing it for several years. I have tried blacks, blues, and purples, but always go back to fire engine red and really prefer Sooki. My nail tech says that fire engine red toenails look great with any color of sandals and they are also classic.


  3. Lara says:

    It looks really good – especially with the red sandals – they are a perfect match!

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