Ulta Clearance


I held back and held back, but the call was too strong today. I had to see what was left of the Ulta clearance sale.

I found the Urban Decay 2012 “Feminine Palette” for $16. I grabbed one for me and one for my BFF. I knew there were a few duplicate shades – I already have “Skimp” and “Gunmetal” in my “Mariposa” palette, but no big deal – I can always use more!

I grabbed 3 NYX Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippies in “Berry Mojito”, “Cherry Smash” and “Happy Buddha” for $1.59 each. I also got 2 Ulta Double Duty Lip Stain and Balm in “Drama” and “Suspense” for $4 each. My lips will be bright and well hydrated!

Of course, a $3.50 coupon – I like them so much more than the 20% off one item ones.

I was showing my husband my haul and he was shocked that there was no nail polish. Oh ye of little faith…there just wasn’t any polish cheap enough!

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