Lady Deathstrike


I’ve decided that these fingernails make me Lady Deathstrike. Oh, you didn’t know that in addition to being an amateur manicurist, soap hoarder and makeup junkie…that I’m also a nerd? And a giant dork.

Julep “Braiden” is one of the new polishes that I received in July’s box – The Poolside Collection. Julep describes it as graphite stardust (textured matte glitter), but I guess adamantium is probably trademarked or something.

No base coat or top coat – just 2 coats of “Braiden”. It dried within seconds and only has minimal edge wear after 24 hours. Great formula!

Between Julep’s Stardust and Zoya’s Pixie Dust, I’m starting to really like these textured polishes.


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