Pink Flamingos


If Babs Johnson was going to pick a nail polish – it would be Julep “Vicki”!

Julep wasn’t kidding when they “Vicki” as pink flamingo crème – my fingers look like plastic yard flamingos! “Vicki” is a hard polish to work with. It is streaky in one coat, but two coats is too much and it pools in the cracks between my nail and finger. I was a good girl and started with Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat, but it is almost empty, so it was goopy. I’m going to try to get one last use out of it, but not sure I have enough for all 10 nails. After two coats, I topped with Sally Hansen Diamond Flash, which I needed, because my washing machine was in the process of breaking down while I was painting my nails and I unexpectedly had to get sopping jeans out of the machine shortly after I painted them.

I like the concept of plastic pink flamingo nails, but the color is too bright for me – my nails are almost neon. Next time, I’ll try “Vicki” with a glitter or other special effect top coat to tone it down a bit.

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