Everybody Be Cool!


If you knew me 20 years ago, chance are…you knew me like this.

True, this pic was from Halloween, but even when it wasn’t Halloween…I dressed like this a lot. (Thanks Bryan McAlister – for loaning me your shirt that I never gave back – I wore it until there were holes in it…)

What can I say? I was obsessed. I saw Pulp Fiction like 6 or 7 times in the theater. While I’m wearing a wig in the picture, I actually (accidentally) dyed my hair black the next Spring and then cut it in a pageboy (in my bathroom while drinking). I thought I WAS Mrs. Mia Wallace….until of course, I decided I was Amy Blue. (What are the odds on a Doom Generation palette coming out?)


Cut to 20 years later…thanks Urban Decay, for releasing the Pulp Fiction Collection when I can actually afford it. Thanks to Ulta, too – for releasing the collection the same week as a 20% off EVERYTHING coupon.

I bought it ALL. The “Pulp Fiction” Palette comes with 5 eye shadows: Righteous (light cream matte), Tyranny (warm brown matte), Vengeance (deep taupe-brown matte-satin), Furious (white satin) and Anger (black satin w/slight tonal sparkle); Revolution Lipstick in “Mrs. Mia Wallace”a deep, blood red; Nail Enamel in “Mrs. Mia Wallace” – Deep red w/slight shimmer; Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in “Gunmetal” – Black w/black and silver sparkle – and 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in “Mrs. Mia Wallace”a deep, blood red.

I also picked up a new UBU Powder Brush – my old Mary Kay one was scratching up my face.

With my coupon and Ulta points, I managed to spend just under $100. I never could have afforded that 20 years ago!

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  1. […] middle shade, “Clash” is a dupe for “Furious/Anger” from the Pulp Fiction palette. I’m not mad or anything, just pointing it […]

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