Cerulean City


Take me down to Cerulean City, where the grass is green and Pokémon are pretty…

You may be asking yourself, how does someone as cultured cluttered and sophisticated sophomoric as myself know about Cerulean City. When my husband and I originally shacked up together, he was a bartender. Most days before work, he watched Pokémon…so I watched Pokémon. This was before we could afford more than one TV and before we stopped being nice to each other…so as hard as I tried to ignore it, I subliminally learned a lot about Pokémon.

Flash forward 14 years and two kids later…he’s still playing Pokémon…and so is my son. I just smile and nod.

ANYWAY…Julep “India” is a Boho Glam from August’s “The Wanderlust Collection.” Even though Julep describes “India” as freshwater blue shimmer, it’s  the perfect cerulean blue.

“India” didn’t like the Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat – it did not want to stick. I managed to smooth it out and it looked great by the second coat. A shiny top coat is a must – Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat is what I used. Next time, I’ll try a different base coat.

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