Sari, Not Sari


Does it really matter that I have dozens of fuchsia/magenta/whatever nail polishes? I keep buying them and I keep loving each new one more than the last.

This is Julep “Neha” from August’s “Wanderlust Collection.” Julep describes it Sari Magenta Shimmer, but Sari isn’t really a color, is it? I’ve seen many Saris this color, so maybe that’s what they mean? Stereotypically Indian Magenta?

I used the last of my Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat – I got only 12 measly uses out of it! I suspect that this base coat is the source of my bubbling problem. “India” did not bubble with the Revlon, but “Neha” bubbled on this first coat! I put that second coat on as quickly as I could and then slapped Sally Hansen “Diamond Flash” on top. I managed to escape with no bubbles…phew!

My biggest disappointment is that my beloved Furious Fuchsia is in the shop after getting rear-ended last week. I have an obsessive desire to compare my polishes to my car to find the perfect match. I won’t be seeing her again until the end of the month…at the earliest. Rude.

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  1. Erin says:

    I’m jealous. That’s a gorgeous magenta. But I’m happy with the blue and green I got from Julep this month.

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