Delush Polish – The Scream Supreme Collection


…and now I delve into the world of Indie Polish…there’s no going back now.*

Indie polish is big on Instagram and I follow quite a few of them, but Delush Polish is the first one that caught my eye enough (the polish “Misty Day” specifically) to make me say, “I have to go online and buy these NOW.” I love that there are creative people out there with the vision and creativity to make a product that goes beyond what’s available in stores…that being said, most Indies ain’t cheap. Delush Polish is actually pretty affordable – $8.95 each – or about as much as OPI, essie, etc. The mini bottles are only $4 – I sprang for the whole set of 7 and got an even sweeter deal with a 15% off code from Instagram. Buy the set HERE.


“The Scream Supreme Collection” is inspired by the show, American Horror Story and there are polishes inspired by every season. The Collection includes (from left to right): “Freak Show Spectacle”, “Bitchcraft”, “A Night in the Asylum”, “Rubberman”, “The Supreme”, “Murder House” and the prettiest – “Misty Day”.

I’ll be starting with “Bitchcraft” tonight!

* I’m wearing my “Supreme” shirt from Tee Fury today…isn’t it fucking awesome? I can’t wait to give my BFF hers…

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