There is no Dana…Only Zuul


Julep “Dana” is white with an electric blue shimmer AND is black light reactive. Cool!

Orly Bonder for a smooth start and Sally Hansen Diamond Flash for extra shine…there are a few odd bubbles in the finish, but nothing too serious.

Can I tell you how much I HATE white fingernail polish? Not only is it almost impossible to get a smooth finish, I always end up getting crinkly edges around my cuticles. It also chips super easy. As you can see, I managed to chip my index finger already – I hit my fingernail with my razor in the shower this morning, but I guess I should be thankful I didn’t lose the tip of my finger.


So I’m not in college anymore and don’t have a black light anywhere in my house. (There’s a time and place for everything, kids – that’s college.)

My son happened to have a tiny black light from an invisible ink set, so I borrowed it to take a picture of my nails. I locked myself in the closet, held the black light in my teeth, trying to aim it at my left hand while taking a picture with my right. I felt like a dumbass.

Now I know how R. Kelly felt.

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