Zodiac Matrix


Urban Decay “Zodiac” reminds me of The Matrix – the duochrome glitter gives the illusion of type sliding down a computer screen.

Two, maybe three coats are necessary for full coverage. I was able to get away with two, but I did get a few bald spots when I put on my top coat. I used Orly Bonder for the base coat and Sally Hansen Diamond Flash for the top coat. I kinda want to try it matte now.

That bottle though…I am in LOVE with the Urban Decay polish bottles. I though the skull was special for Mrs. Mia Wallace, but they ALL have it!

“Zodiac” was a limited edition release for the 2013 Holiday season. It was released with a plum/gold duochrome called “Blackheart”. Now I need to go back to the bin at Nordstrom Rack and dig for it!



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