Forget Red


I feel like my nails have been dark and goth for weeks…I felt the overwhelming urge to go girly and pink.

This is my new Sally Hansen Glitter Effect “Rogue Red” over Sinful Colors “Forget Now”. “Forget Now” is a Barbie Magenta pink with violet and blue glass shimmer. It is fairly sheer, but two coats gave nearly opaque coverage. (There was something weird about this bottle of “Forget Now” – there were black squiggles in the bottle, like metal shavings. I just smeared them off the brush on a nearby piece of junk mail. Very odd.) “Rogue Red” is pale red and pink jagged glitter. On a barely pink tinted base. On a naked nail, you wouldn’t even be able to tell that there is a touch of tint to the base.

I used the Sinful Colors Base Coat and Sally Hansen Diamond Flash for the base and top coats.

I painted my toes with just “Forget Now”. My toenails were stained from Zoya “Remy”, so there is a bit of a purple tint at the end of my toes that “Forget Now” couldn’t hide. I could have used the glitter to hide it, but I avoid glitter on my toenails – ain’t nobody got time fo dat! Until I can figure how to get my toes into a dip-it, that is…

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