So Pantone announced their 2015 “Color of the Year” – Marsala, described by Pantone as ‘a naturally robust and earthy wine red‘. Well, aren’t you so fancy, Marsala? Personally, I think it’s just an excuse for Sephora to sell makeup…but what do I know? I’ll go ahead and play along, I’m throwing my Marsala into the ring…

This is Sinful Colors “Hot Chili”. It’s definitely an ‘earthy wine red’, but also has holographic gold glitter. It’s not a smooth polish and really needs a good top coat – I used Sally Hansen Diamond Flash. For some reason, my thumb really started to bubble underneath the top coat and remained rough, but the rest of my fingernails are as smooth as glass. I wasn’t all that good at chemistry, so I have no godly clue why. Oh yeah, Sinful Colors Base Coat first.

I admit, I might be tempted if Sephora comes out with a Marsala set like the one that came out last year for Radiant Orchid. It doesn’t take me very much to be tempted by makeup – does Sephora take direct deposit?

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