$1 Sucker

I was so proud of myself yesterday – I had gone to Big Lots for lunch snacks for my kids and managed to leave without any polishes…although I did dig through the buckets, I showed restraint. My restraint was gone when I stopped by HEB after work for some tasty, fresh tortillas – I passed an endcap labelled “Final Clearance”. I couldn’t resist any longer.

I got Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer “Sugar Cloud” & “Mint Tint” (I’ve tried Sugar Coat, but not Sugar Shimmer), Sally Hansen Triple Shine “Scale Up” (is there such a thing as too many flakies?) and Nicole by Opi “Party Bus” from the Carrie Underwood Collection.

When my husband was unpacking the groceries, he took one look inside the polish bag and groaned, “Really???” Uh oh…I must have crossed some imaginary line…

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  1. […] Sometimes I rip off the clearance sticker – sometimes I don’t. This time, I did not – so I will forever be reminded that I only paid $1 at HEB for Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer “Sugar Cloud”. Can you believe I bought it 8 years ago? […]

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