The Titular Polish


Okay, I guess technically Zoya “Lara” isn’t named after me, but it might as well be – it’s the perfect pink.

I have a love/hate relationship with creme polishes. They look really good – if I can manage to keep them out of the crevices between my fingernail and finger skin – which I absolutely have not figured out how to do. The polish pools in the crevices and forms gross, crispy edges. I’ve definitely gotten better at it than I was a year ago, but I still struggle with the crevices. I cannot stand how some of the big time polish swatcher bloggers meticulously refuse to paint their entire nail – that’s cheating! A few millimeters of naked nail looks worse to me than a bad paint job. I don’t ever want to see naked nail!

 Off my soapbox…I used Zoya Anchor and Armor – it’s not a Quick Dry, so I had to lay in bed, absolutely still, for an extra hour watching TV – oh, the horror!

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  1. […] Zoya Armor. Armor dried slower than I would like, but it was faster than over a creme polish like “Lara”. OH! And did I mention that my “Lara” manicure was featured on Zoya’s website […]

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