Sexist Nail Polish


Why can’t this polish be called “Be a Millionaire”? Nope, it’s China Glaze “Marry a Millionaire”, from this month’s ipsy bag.

At least half the nail polish on the planet have ridiculous names that have no relationship to the actual color. But it’s the sexist ones that irritate me for some reason. No, not the sexist ones…it’s the golddiggery ones. (Both China Glaze AND Essie have a polish called “Trophy Wife”, if that tells you anything.)

End rant…besides the stupid name, “Marry a Millionaire” is amazing. It’s got fine purple and silver glitter, with green bar glitter – it’s a different color, depending on the angle of light. I got full coverage in just 2 coats, even though it has a clear base.

Even with Sinful Colors Base Coat and “HK Girl” for the top coat, it chipped horribly quickly. I think it was my fault though – the bar glitter hung off the edges, and I get rubbing it and picking at it to make it smooth. I had to take it off already. On the bright side, it actually came off really easily – no chainsaw needed.

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