Embers Only


Can my son pick a nail polish, or what?

He really just wanted to go to the grocery store to get free samples, but I stopped at Walgreen’s first. I forced him to hold the basket as I filled it with nail polish. As I was checking out the “Bloomblast” display, he handed me Sinful Colors “Embers Only”. Where in the world did he find it? It wasn’t on the new displays, but I’d never noticed it in the regular display. It’s a reddish/pinkish/red jelly with shimmer, micro-glitter and iridescent hex. Why in the world did my husband say this polish is plain? It’s shiny on it’s own, but I used “HK Girl” to give it a glasslike finish.

I need to lay off the Sinful Colors Base Coat – I woke up with a few severe edge chips this morning. I’m thinking I need something stickier?

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