Basic Bitch Pink


I am far too old to be concerned about being a “basic bitch” – but come on ya’ll – this is “basic bitch” pink. No glitter, no shimmer – just your basic plain pink.

One time, at Pier One, I made the comment that Pier One used to have cool stuff back when I was in High School, but now it’s stuff for Basic Bitches who want to look like they’ve traveled the world. He gave me the WORST stink eye, probably because we were in the middle of Pier One when I said it.

This is Sinful Colors “Boom Boom” from my Target Beauty Box. Good formula, good coverage – exactly what I’ve come to expect from Sinful Colors. I used the Sinful Colors Base Coat and excitedly opened one of my new “HK Girl” bottles – I LOVE that top coat!

I don’t mind being a little basic, once in awhile.

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