Summer Semi Annual Sale: Online Haul


Slowly, but surely, I’m getting over the fact that there isn’t a Bath & Body Works overly close to my new office. I’m soothing my pain with online shopping…

I was disappointed by the dearth of 75% off products on the website, but I did find a few things that sparked my interest. I got 3 50% off Aromatherapy Body Wash & Foam Baths (really just the foam bath part) for my husband – 2 “Lemon Zest” and a “Tangelo Woods”. The “Lemon Zest” is absolutely the best smelling bubble bath I’ve ever smelled.



The big draw for this sale was the return of classic scents (all $3.50 each) like “Plumeria”, “Country Apple”, “White Tea & Ginger”…and “Juniper Breeze”. “Juniper Breeze” unfailingly reminds me of my mother – she wore this back when the scent was called “Juniper with Aloe”. I still have her last bottle – just days after she died, I packed up all of her body spray and bubble bath to take home with me. (My sister doesn’t use either and wanted it out – it was a massive amount.) As I slowly used up all her products, she was with me a little. 10 years later, I still cling to this nearly empty bottle of “Juniper with Aloe”. Even though I now have a whole new bottle to use, the old one will still reside on my dresser – a small, but significant reminder.

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  1. Luci says:

    Wowza! That bottle is old…has to be from the 90’s! Serious sentimental value with that one. I wouldn’t be able to part with it either.

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