Patriotic Jelly Sandwich

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Once a year, it’s totally expected to wear red, white and blue fingernail polish – the week leading up to Independence Day.

This is my first successful “jelly sandwich”. I used Sinful Colors “Prized Plume” (blue) and Julep “Tiffany” (red) for the jellies. I used Sinful Colors “Star Blast Off” for the glitter, sandwiched between layers of jelly polish. This is a glitter/jelly/glitter/jelly sandwich – 4 layers…or 6 if you count the Sinful Colors Base Coat and “HK Girl”.

“Star Blast Off” gave me LOTS of stars. I was very pleased that I only had to go fishing for stars a few times.

Jesus take the wheel when I actually have to get all this glitter off my nails. I am not looking forward to that…

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