Green on the Runway


This stunning polish is OPI “Green on the Runway”, from the 2014 Coca Cola Collection. Lily was kind enough to let me borrow one of the polishes that my BFF got her for Xmas.

Even though it looks fantastic in the pic, you can’t see the full magnificence – it’s a green to rust colored duochrome – although you can see a hint of it on the bottle. I guess it’s supposed to look like a Sprite can, but it’s far darker than your average Sprite.

I also tried out OPI Nail Envy for the first time, again, borrowed from Lily. It seems to be a really good base coat and the brush is like magic. I didn’t use the OPI top coat, instead opting for “HK Girl”. For some reason, the “HK Girl” dragged a few bald spots in the polish on my right hand and catastrophically smudge my ring finger. I don’t know why – if it’s an incompatibility with OPI, or maybe I just didn’t let it dry long enough. Hmmmm…

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