Ursula, The Sea Witch


Wearing Sally Hansen Pearl Crush “Clam Digger” – I feel like Ursula, the Sea Witch!

There’s just something about purple/green shifting polishes that I cannot resist – I have several. But there was just something about “Clam Digger”, with those iridescent mother of pearl glitter discs. They’re large and stick up at weird angles – but there were a lot of them. I ended up having to just dab them on, since they tended to end up on the tips of my nail. At least I didn’t have to go fishing for them.

This is just 2 coats. I used Sally Hansen Diamond Shine for the base coat and “HK Girl” for the top coat. “HK Girl” did a great job of smoothing out the edge of the discs and hiding my dab marks.

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