Soap Fix


In between Semi-Annual Sales, I have to get my Soap Fix – so I’ll settle for 50% off for Labor Day. I only got three – they didn’t have much of the deep cleansing soap I like – just the foaming kind. I hate the foaming kind. I did get one foam for the kids – “Strawberry Lemon”. I got “Honeydew Cooler” and “Pineapple Sorbet” for myself. “Pineapple Sorbet” smells just like the Pineapple Dream at the Dole Plantation in Hawaii! I also grabbed 4 Scentportables (4/$10) and 2 bath poof (not on sale).

Of course, when they send you an email that says “Surprise – up to 40% off” – it’s never 40% off. I had to make do with 20% off. Sigh.

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