Just a Pit Stop…


If I make my husband drop me by Bath & Body Works on the way to wedding party…does that mean I have a problem? $8.50 three wick candles is a BIG DEAL.

Back when I lived in Dallas – before kids – I used to make my own candles. When we moved, I kept all of my oils and supplies, fully expecting to someday get back to candlemaking when I had more time…then another baby, another house, another excuse. Finally, my oils had rotted through the bottles and we had to trash them. (I bet that was the best smelling load of trash my garbageman ever had.) So until I get the urge to revisit that hobby…I buy candles and wax melts. Not a lot, but enough to have on hand.

That being said, $8.50 is a smoking deal. Regular price is $22.50 – $30.00. I picked up “Beautiful Day”, “Jingle All the Way”, “Japanese Cherry Blossom”, “Twisted Peppermint” and 2 “Pomelo Paradise”. A $15 off $40 coupon made them $6 each. I also had a stackable coupon for a free item, so I got a “White Citrus” Shower Gel.


Even after a stop at Starbucks, we made it right on time for Beth and David’s wedding party. David is my husband’s cousin and I am thrilled to welcome Beth into our (sometimes insane, but always loving) family. She and I bonded a few years ago over our shared love of nail polish – especially Zoya. It was love at first sight!

When we met, I was still rolling around the idea of Beauty Hoard in my head and she really encouraged me to get it started. If there wasn’t a Beth, there probably wouldn’t be a Beauty Hoard, so I owe her a depth of gratitude!

I can’t wait for our next nail party!

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