The Usual Saturday


My daughter and I hit the usual spots after her gymnastics class on Saturday…it’s like a thing.

First, we hit Bath & Body Works for $2.50 Hand Soaps. Even though I just stocked up, I couldn’t resist this yearly sale. I picked up a total of 12, even letting Lily pick out a few scents for the kids bathroom – “Elfin’ Around” and “Vanilla Bean Noel”. I picked a mix of Xmas and Summer scents. I used a $10 off $30 coupon, which gave me the soaps for $1.66 each. That’s an even better deal than the 20% off coupon I used last year!

Then we hit Ulta – I just needed some clipper sets for some Xmas gifts I’m putting together. I just used a $3.50 coupon, even though I have a 20% off ANYTHING coupon burning a hole in my purse. I doubt I’ll even use it this year…

Finally, Taco Bell while getting my car inspected. While there, Lily was concerned that the guy from the Lube place wanted to marry me because he came in to grab lunch…then I accosted a rando to get a picture of his tattoo to send to my husband. You know, the usual Saturday stuff.

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