Queen of Hearts


FINALLY! I can get the fucking glitter out of the bottle! Thank you, Funky Fingers “Queen of Hearts”.

Seriously, it only took a bit of brush swirling to fill the brush with hearts. I had to do a fair bit of dabbing and dragging to get them flat on my nail, but at least I could get them out of the bottle. Funky Fingers does NOT skimp on the glitter. “Queen of Hearts” is a clear base with black, white and red (several different shades of red – so one of them is sure to match whatever you’ve got) hearts. SO many hearts.

Starting with Sinful Colors Base Coat, I used Sinful Colors “Black on Black” and “Under 18” – two coats each. After two coats, the hearts seemed to “sink in” and are not totally flat, but I think it looks kind of cool. A coat of “HK Girl” smoothed it a bit, but I can still feel the edges of the hearts.

So…Valentine’s Day s tomorrow…2 more days until 50% off candy!

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