I Declare Shenanigans!


I declare shenanigans!

My nails didn’t turn out the way I expected AT ALL.

My final nails of Green Week were full of surprises.

The first surprise was Sinful Colors “San Francisco” – I thought it would be a creamy emerald green from the bottle, but it turned out to be a kelly green shimmery jelly.

It’s very sheer after one coat and still a bit sheer after two coats.

This is two coats over Sinful Colors Base Coat. I decided to leave it at two coats – even after with the visible nail line.


The second surprise was what essie luxeffects “Set in Stones” did over “San Francisco” – it turned gold! Maybe the yellow pigment in the green polish leached into the silver glitter? Or more likely, it’s just the reflection coming off the green. Either way – I wanted SILVER glitter to match my shirt! Shenanigans! (Top Coat is “HK Girl”, of course.)

My shenanigans are in silver sequins, not gold…argh…

Oh well, maybe I’ll get it right next year.

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