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I Declare Shenanigans!


I declare shenanigans!

My nails didn’t turn out the way I expected AT ALL.

My final nails of Green Week were full of surprises.

The first surprise was Sinful Colors “San Francisco” – I thought it would be a creamy emerald green from the bottle, but it turned out to be a kelly green shimmery jelly.

It’s very sheer after one coat and still a bit sheer after two coats.

This is two coats over Sinful Colors Base Coat. I decided to leave it at two coats – even after with the visible nail line.


The second surprise was what essie luxeffects “Set in Stones” did over “San Francisco” – it turned gold! Maybe the yellow pigment in the green polish leached into the silver glitter? Or more likely, it’s just the reflection coming off the green. Either way – I wanted SILVER glitter to match my shirt! Shenanigans! (Top Coat is “HK Girl”, of course.)

My shenanigans are in silver sequins, not gold…argh…

Oh well, maybe I’ll get it right next year.


You Complete Me


My life is now complete…I now own the missing piece in my collection – Urban Decay “Naked 3”.

Our lives haven’t been syncing up lately, so it’s taken a month and a half for my BFF and I to get together and exchange some gifts – I got us matching “Shenanigans” shirts from Victoria’s Secret for us for St. Patrick’s Day and she had birthday gifts for my rugrats and I.

SO happy to finally have “Naked 3”! I broke it open this morning…and even used primer potion like a big girl. The rose gold toned colors complement my skin perfectly. I want to wear this at my funeral.


After Xmas Haul


You know what’s better than Xmas shopping? After Xmas shopping!

On Friday night, we hit Walmart, in search of 75% off beauty sets, as seen on Nouveau Cheap. Although I did spy a few sets from Flower, Hard Candy and e.l.f. – they were all atrocious eye shadow and I passed. I did, however, find a Scinti Countdown to Christmas Gift Set – it’s like a nail art advent calendar. I really just wanted the little mustache nail decals. It ended up being $3.72, so not bad, even if it is a brand I’ve never heard of.

On Saturday night, I talked my BFF into a trip to Walgreen’s, again in search of clearance Xmas. Along with a shit-ton of Gift Tags, I found a Conair Ultimate Style and Volume Gift set for $5. I really only bought it for the bun maker thingy. I also picked up a Red Velvet revo and the most awesome thing ever – a dancing Xmas Tree that sings “Feliz Navidad”!

I think I made my BFF sad when I carried that fucking tree down every aisle, making it serenade all of the other shoppers. Shenanigans!


Halloween is Coming…


I didn’t mean to buy a bunch of Halloween stuff yesterday…but it kind of just happens sometimes.

Somehow, I scammed my husband into letting me run into Ulta before lunch, so I could grab some more Zoya Remove+. (I kind of freak out a little bit if I have less than half a bottle left, plus I didn’t know if the new ad would still have a $3.50 coupon.) After lunch, we all went to Five Below. In addition to Pink Flamingo Duck Tape, I couldn’t resist more Funky Fingers! I got 2 of the 2/$5 Halloween Glow in the Dark polishes: “Oogie Boogie” – iridescent yellow glitter in a neon green base – and “Dia De Muertos” – matte pink glitter in a baby blue base. I also got 3 of the regular 3/$5 Funky Fingers – “Unicorn Farts” – chunky metallic multicolored glitter, “Olaf” – white snowflake glitter – and “Elsa” – white and blue snowflake glitter. (Yes, I bought Frozen nail polish. Suck it.) Everybody got goodies. I got a SHENANIGANS T-shirt for my BFF. My husband got spiderwebs to decorate the house and a football. Logan got a gag gum snapper. Lily got a rubber chicken. Seriously…a rubber chicken. I can’t even explain why.


Five Below and Half Price Books were just too much fun for the family to handle, so while everyone else took naps, I went to Target to buy toilet paper and paper towels. Yeah, that was my plan when I went in there…

In addition to stocking up on John Frieda and Olay, I came across the new Halloween Beauty Books from e.l.f. ($6!) I picked up “Vampire” for my BFF, because the colors will be perfect for her Cruella DeVille costumes. I got “Wicked” for my Maleficent costume. I also grabbed bunch of plastic totes for my hair and face gunk – all of my tiny bottles where overtaking my husband’s side of the sink.

Of course, I got the new Caramel Apple Oreos. They’re just as weird as you would expect them to be. They did not have the Pumpkin Spice Oreos, which is probably all for the better…