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Honest…I didn’t expect to be placing another Makeup Revolution order so soon. But they offered an Easter Mystery Bag worth £25 with a £30 purchase, plus 20% off for downloading their new app…so…

I ordered on Thursday, March 24th and got a notification that it shipped on Monday, March 28th. I received my package on Tuesday, April 5th. Just 8 days to get from London to me! Sally lives in Scotland and ordered the day after I did and got hers the same day I did – what is that about?

I had to have the new “Fortune Favours the Brave” palette, since it’s unlikely to be released stateside. I am addicted to this palette – I’ve used it for three days straight and haven’t tried any of my other new palettes. The included brush is shit, but the quality of the shadows is top notch. I also got the new “Chocolate Vice” palette. I decided to try the new Lip Amplification in “Epic Love” – I was expecting a dustier rose, but again – bright ass pink. It’s wearable though. I’m not too much of a blush person, but I had to snag two of their newer blush palettes – “Blush Queen”, which is reminiscent of the Laura Geller Baked Blushes I love and “Golden Sugar 2”, which is beautiful rose gold shades.


And then there is the free shit…OMG….so much stuff. I’m most excited about the “Colour Chaos” palette – my husband was horrified by the prospect of me using these bright ass drag queen shadows. Also included in the bag: Ultra Velour Lip Cream in “Move Your Mouth Forever” (nude) ; #Liphug Lipstick in “Let’s Move the Bar” (orange); Radiant Lights “Glow” (an illuminating powder); Amazing Sheer Lip Gloss in “Hey Girl” (peachy); Vivid Blush Lacquer in “O’ Boy” (pink); The One Blush Stick in “Malibu” (rust); and a Mono Eyeshadow in “Adore Moi” (buttery brown).

A lot of interesting stuff to try in the mystery bag – and each one was different. Sally got totally different stuff!

Normally, I like to try most of the stuff I buy before I post, but there’es really too many goodies to try. I’ve let you down…and I am truly sorry for that.

So basically, I ordered all of this quality makeup from overseas and STILL paid less (less than $50 USD with shipping) than buying a single prestige palette – Too Faced or Urban Decay, etc. I am HOOKED on Makeup Revolution.

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