Like a Virgin


Like a virgin…touched for the very first time.

My nails. I am talking about my nails.

Painting my nails every 2-3 days for the last few years has left them as yellow as banana pudding. The staining is visible through any clearish polish and I thought bare nails would be out of the question forever…or at least until I stopped painting and let them grow out. Not so…I discovered Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat. I used points on a Sephora order a few months ago to add a sample on a whim. I’m just now trying it and THIS SHIT IS AMAZING. Through the magic of an optical brightener, my nail beds are pink again and the tips look whiter. It’s like I just had a french manicure. This is just two coats – no case or top coat needed…AND it dries within a minute or so.

…but there’s also some bad news. This shit costs $30 at Sephora. Keep an eye out for sample versions…


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