Company Blue


Another 97 cent polish…this one is essie “Strut Your Stuff” – a bright turquoise blue creme.

I decided to mix it up and start with Orly Bonder. The first coat had a few streaks, but two coats were perfect. I’m getting better with cremes – as long as I keep it from pooling around the edges, I’ve been able to avoid the crusties. I topped with “HK Girl”, which dragged a few bald spots. Luckily, they were all on my right hand.

I’d like to see this color with a silver glitter gradient – that would be luxurious.

This blue is the same exact blue as my employer’s logo. I bet I could stick my fingers in a Pantone machine and get a trademark warning…

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  1. […] I told you I was gonna try this with silver glitter. […]

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